In early May it was announced that all three remaining crew members of this Wellington have now been identified.

The remains of plut. r/op. strz. (Sgt.) Henryk Franciszek Sikorski and kpt. obs. (P/O) Maciej Wojciech Socharski were recovered from the wreck site in 2016 and have now been identified. They are expected to be buried with their fellow crew members in Amsterdam in the following months.

Partial remains of plut. r/op. strz. (Sgt.) Stanisław Pisarski were also recovered from the site in 2016, and match those in the grave of an unidentified Polish airman in Amsterdam (above), leading to a positive identification. The nameless headstone is expected to be replaced with one bearing his name. (SGLO T1023)

Bron Eric Munk via Keypublishing forum


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