Crash T3332
Day or Night of Operation 27 Jan 1944
Operation Wetterkundungsflug
Aircraft Messerschmitt Bf 110G-4
Built by Messerschmitt
c/n or Werknr 740215
Serial or Stammkenzeichen
Call Sign or Verbandskenzeichen G9+FZ
Unit 12./NJG 1
Air Force Luftwaffe
Take off time
Airfield Leeuwarden
Crashed at
Cause of the Crash Emergency landing due to engine fire
Crash Location Veenwoude, 20 km east of Leeuwarden Airfield
Province Friesland
Damage 70%
Salvaged by
Salvage date
Wreckage sent to
Source Verliesregister 1939-1945 SGLO page 96
Additional source Info WASt for operation and cause
Last update June 2016


Function Mil Rank Name Hon Mil Reg Age Air Force Cemetery Grave Remark
Flugzeugführer Ofw. G. Grafe Luftwaffe Survived
Bordfunker Uffz. K. Kolenstetter Luftwaffe Survived Wounded
Bordschütze Luftwaffe Survived

Bulletin 034 uit juni 1978 door Adrie Roding:

27-01-1944 Bf 110G-4, G9+FZ, Werknr 740215, IV/NJG 1, 70% schade (12./NJG 1), neergestort te Veenwoude

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