Crash T0848
Day or Night of Operation 18/19 Sep 1940
Target Soest
Aircraft Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mk V
Built by Armstrong Whitworth
c/n or Werknr
Serial or Stammkenzeichen N1425
Call Sign or Verbandskenzeichen KN-E
Unit 77 SQN
Air Force RAF
Take off time
Airfield Linton-on-Ouse
Crashed at 00.28
Cause of the Crash Shot down by Ofw. P. Gildner of 1./NJG 1
Crash Location Crashed near Zieuwent and Achter-Zieuwent
Province Gelderland
Salvaged by
Salvage date
Wreckage sent to
Source Chorley W.R. Bomber Command Losses 1939-1940 page 111
Additional source Chorley W.R. Bomber Command Losses 1943 page 487 for NF
Last update June 2016
Function Mil Rank Name Hon Mil Reg Age Air Force Cemetery Grave Remark
Pilot P/O. P.E. Eldridge 41912 RAF Zieuwent 3
Co-Pilot Lt. P.O. Williams FAA Winterswijk 6 Sub Lt from Royal Navy
Observer Sgt. V.C. Cowley 580883 RAF Zieuwent 3
Wireless op Sgt. F. Crawford 620421 RAF Zieuwent 1
Air gunner Sgt. R.C. Dawson 637484 RAF Zieuwent 2

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Fred · 23 March 2018 at 12:56

Achter Zieuwenr bestaat niet meer heet allang Marienvelde. GWCG wil dit niet aanpassen.

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