Crash T1777
Day or Night of Operation 15/16 Aug 1942
Operation Gardening
Target Nectarine I
Aircraft Short Stirling Mk I
Built by Short
c/n or Werknr
Serial or Stammkenzeichen N3705
Call Sign or Verbandskenzeichen MG-F
Unit 7 SQN
Air Force RAF
Take off time 01.25
Airfield Oakington (UK)
Crashed at 06.58
Cause of the Crash Lost orientation and engine trouble.
Crash Location Forcelanded near Woudrichem, east of Slot Loevestein (Loevestein castle)
near Gorinchem
Province Zuid-Holland
Salvaged by Germans
Salvage date
Wreckage sent to Sent to Gilze-Rijen for repairs, then flown to Germany
Source Chorley W.R. Bomber Command Losses 1942 page 184
Additional source Archive H. Welting for cause and crew data,
Broken Wings No. 103 ARG 1940-1945
Last update June 2016

After repairs it was flown to Germany. It was tested at E-stelle Rechlin. After a testflight it had to make a forced landing. Because it was unrepairable it was used as target at Rechlin for testing the 50mm gun as used on the Messerschmitt Me 410.

(SGLO - Archive)

(SGLO – Archive)

(SGLO - Archive)

(SGLO – Archive)

Function Mil Rank Name Hon Mil Reg Age Air Force Cemetery Grave Remark
Pilot Sgt. S.C. Orrell 621146 RAF Survived POW
Flight Engineer Sgt. F. Thompson 527833 RAF Survived POW
Navigator Sgt. A. Buckley 656154 RAF Survived POW
Bomb Aimer Sgt. J.A.B. Bond 1315562 RAF Survived POW
Wireless Op Sgt. C.A. Bowers 1021597 RAF Survived POW
Air Gunner Sgt. T.R. Gough 1237783 RAF Survived POW
Air Gunner Sgt. A.R. Holman 1319119 RAF Survived POW

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Koos Tromp · 9 March 2018 at 05:57

The plane has landerd in the provincie Gelderland in Munnikenland behind Loevestein castle part of the village Poederoijen and not in the proximity of Gorinchem.

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